Thirsk & Malton Labou​r Party launches its manifesto for May Ryedale District Council Elections

At a special event held in Malton on the 21st March, the Thirsk and Malton Constituency Party launched its manifesto for the 2nd May Ryedale District Council elections. The meeting was attended by the candidates and their agents and members of the Constituency Party executive. 

The main points of the manifesto are:

• More Affordable Housing
• Call for clean streets
• Take recycling seriously ;Raise the recycling rate and provide boxes that work
• Give villages control over development through community led plan
• Demand better public transport links to villages. Consider those who do not drive
• At every opportunity and in every way resist Fracking

The full manifesto can be seen on the Party website: The manifesto calls for a firm stand against fracking:“The case against fracking for both local and global environmental reasons has been overwhelmingly established. It was a great step forward when in 2015 Ryedale Council adopted the policy calling for a five year moratorium and the Labour Party fully backed this. However it is now urgent that Ryedale Council extends the moratorium and firms up its strategy, using all means available to it, to ensure Ryedale is protected from the next phase of fracking proposals.

Fundamental to this is a campaign to increase pressure on North Yorkshire County Council to reverse its permissive policies on fracking and to oppose the Government’s proposals to exempt fracking development from local democratic control.” A party spokesperson told the meeting that with this detailed manifesto and a team of able candidates, the local Labour Party is set to continue its success as the main opposition to the Tory Party and to bring a sustained and positive challenge to Ryedale District Council.

Alan Avery
Press Officer: Thirsk and Malton Constituency Labour Party

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