2019 Annual General Meeting


This year’s AGM is to be held Saturday 8th June, 12.00 am at the Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre, Bowling Lane, Scarborough Road, Norton, MALTON, YO17 8EG

The draft agenda is currently:

12.00 Guest Speaker.  Labour Coast & Country.

12.45. Short break for refreshments/raffle

1.00. Annual General Meeting.

1. Minutes of the last AGM held on 9th June 2018. Approval and matters arising.

2. Annual Reports for 2017/18.

a. Progress of the Constituency Development Plan (attached).

b. Treasurer’s report.

c. Branch Reports.

3. Constituency Constitution. Ratification or amend. (It was suggested a few months back that we consider electronic voting at Constituency General Meetings. If this is to be progressed it would need to be agreed by the AGM as a rule change.)

4. Constituency Development Plan. Ratify or amend

5. Review of 2019 District Council Election campaigns, results & lessons.

6. Election of Executive Officers for 2018/2019. At least half should be women.

a. Chair.

b. Vice-chair.

c. Secretary.

d. Membership Secretary.

e. Treasurer.

f. Women’s Officer.

7. Election of Co-ordinators for 2018/19. At least half should be Women.

a. Campaign Co-ordinator.

b. Disability Officer.

c. Youth Officer.

d. Press Officer.

e. Social Media Co-ordinator.

f. Website Co-ordinator.

g. Political Education Co-ordinator.

h. Trade Union Liaison.

8. Election of two Auditors.

9. Branch Representatives on Executive Committee. One from Filey & Hunmanby and two each from Malton & Norton, North Ryedale and Vale of York.

10. Election of representatives on Local Policy Forums: North Yorkshire (6), Hambleton(?), Scarborough(?).

11. Election of Delegates to 2019 Annual Conference. Two ordinary delegates, at least one of whom must be a woman, and one Youth Delegate.

12. Parliamentary Candidate Selection. Update and ratification of Selection Committee; five places.

13. Resolutions, including for Annual Conference.

14. General Meetings Programme

Letter from Richard Corbett MEP

Dear All,

As you know, European elections will be contested on 23 May. They matter.

  • For however long we’re there, it’s important that Britain has good representatives to defend the interests of our constituents. 
  • This election is shaping up to be a battle for first place between Labour and Nigel Farage’s so-called “Brexit party” (which is not a party with members, but a private limited company set up by Farage that is refusing to reveal its sources of finance).  We cannot let a shady outfit of neo-liberals and racists win a nationwide election!
  • A strong contingent of Labour MEPs could make the Socialist Group the largest one in the European Parliament at a crucial time and just as it elects the next President of the European Commission.
  • Brexit itself will be an issue and we must underline that Labour opposes the bad deal the Tory government has negotiated and believes that if the government is so confident that it is a good deal, it “should not be afraid to put that deal to the public” (to quote our manifesto).  Brexit is turning out to be very different from what the Leave campaign promised and it is only right that the public have an opportunity to confirm that they want to go ahead with it – or not.

Richard Corbett

The Greens, LibDems and Change-UK are all seeking to take votes from Labour arguing that they are more clearly committed to stopping Brexit than we are. They know that, even in so-called “Leave” areas, most Labour voters are “Remainers”, and that public opinion is anyway shifting against Brexit. They already had some success with this in the local elections. But in reality, even with proportional representation, in a 6 member constituency like Yorkshire & Humber, the threshold for getting a single seat is too high for them to easily get one – meaning such votes are wasted in terms of seats and any voters switching from us to them would serve only to reduce Labour’s vote and risk giving an extra seat to the Brexit party.

As to the Tories, they own the Brexit shambles. Their incompetence, their divisions and their inability to deliver anything viable have made a bad situation worse. Meanwhile, the country’s critical problems – austerity, the state of the NHS, housing, crime, crumbling infrastructure, and much else, are neglected.

Labour has a good team of candidates. The list is:
– Richard Corbett 
– Eloise Todd
– Jawad Khan
– Jayne Allport
– Martin Mayer
– Alison Hume

Many of you will know that my colleague Linda McAvan has decided to stand down after many years of exemplary service as a hard working and respected MEP for our region. She will be much missed, but will be supporting us strongly.

You will receive an email from the regional party later today with further information about the election campaign, including details about free campaign leaflets and other materials available for your CLP.  

I look forward to joining you on the campaign trail!


Richard Corbett MEP

Thirsk & Malton Labou​r Party launches its manifesto for May Ryedale District Council Elections

At a special event held in Malton on the 21st March, the Thirsk and Malton Constituency Party launched its manifesto for the 2nd May Ryedale District Council elections. The meeting was attended by the candidates and their agents and members of the Constituency Party executive. 

The main points of the manifesto are:

• More Affordable Housing
• Call for clean streets
• Take recycling seriously ;Raise the recycling rate and provide boxes that work
• Give villages control over development through community led plan
• Demand better public transport links to villages. Consider those who do not drive
• At every opportunity and in every way resist Fracking

The full manifesto can be seen on the Party website: www.thirskandmaltonlabour.uk The manifesto calls for a firm stand against fracking:“The case against fracking for both local and global environmental reasons has been overwhelmingly established. It was a great step forward when in 2015 Ryedale Council adopted the policy calling for a five year moratorium and the Labour Party fully backed this. However it is now urgent that Ryedale Council extends the moratorium and firms up its strategy, using all means available to it, to ensure Ryedale is protected from the next phase of fracking proposals.

Fundamental to this is a campaign to increase pressure on North Yorkshire County Council to reverse its permissive policies on fracking and to oppose the Government’s proposals to exempt fracking development from local democratic control.” A party spokesperson told the meeting that with this detailed manifesto and a team of able candidates, the local Labour Party is set to continue its success as the main opposition to the Tory Party and to bring a sustained and positive challenge to Ryedale District Council.

Alan Avery
Press Officer: Thirsk and Malton Constituency Labour Party

Trickett Treat: Fracking Ban in First 100 days of Labour Government

Top Labour man Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth, came to Kirby Misperton on Wednesday to promise that in the first 100 days of the next Labour government the ban on fracking across the UK would be delivered.  At the entry to the fracking site, to a gathering of some of the local campaigners whose yearlong stand helped see off Third Energy, he announced that Jeremy Corbyn had put him in charge of the programme of action for the first 100 days of the next Labour government; ‘I’m already organising the first 100 days of action and I can tell you that the ban on fracking will be put into effect in that period’.

Picture of Jon Trickett and Hugo Fearnley at the Kirby Misperton fracking site with local anti-fracking campaigners on 31st October

With him was Hugo Fearnley, prospective Labour parliamentary candidate for Scarborough and Whitby.  ‘We all know what’s wrong with fracking’ said Hugo, ‘bad for the local environment, bad for the farming and tourism economy and bad for the planet.  Far more and far better-quality jobs will be created by Labour’s green energy strategy with a commitment to meet 60% of the UK’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2030’


Mick Johnston, Secretary of Thirsk and Malton Labour Party, welcomed the visit and said that the local campaigners had fought a brave campaign to drive fracking out of Ryedale. ‘Make sure it never comes back’ he said, ‘by making sure Labour wins the next General Election, whenever it comes’.

Alan Avery Press Officer Thirsk & Malton Constituency Labour Party Tel 01751 474043 avery_uk@yahoo.com