Kirkbymoorside Campaign for Dave Yellen

We had a ​positive start to campaigning Ryedale today with Labour’s Candidate for Kirkbymoorside, Dave Yellen. Come and join us on Monday at 11.45am and again at 5.45pm outside the Kings Head for more of the same.

Read about Dave and all our other Ryedale candidates here at our Ryedale Candidates page

You can reach out to Nick Holroyd for more information or to volunteer by contacting Nick Holroyd

Ryedale District Council Elections 2019 – Manifesto

Thirsk and Malton Labour Party is deeply concerned by the failure of Ryedale Council to stand up to central government on a range of issues from the undermining of local authorities’ powers to control fracking to austerity cuts in services.

We are calling for:


A substantial increase in the supply of affordable housing. Urgent action to meet the Council’s own target that 35% of new homes should be affordable.

No more big housing developments in Malton/Norton until road improvements have been made to prevent increased congestion and pollution.

Brownfield sites to be developed before any more greenfield sites are released for housing development.

Make sure new housing is of the size, type, and tenure to meet the needs of Ryedale families first. Including sheltered and extra care.

All new dwellings to meet accessibility standards and 10% to meet wheelchair standard.


The Council must recognize that without reliable and affordable public transport service communities in smaller villages will not ultimately survive. Areas like Rosedale and Farndale need as a minimum a twice weekly bus service that is not dependent on profit.

Double Council funding for Ryedale Community Transport.


War on dog waste. A comprehensive campaign to rid paths and verges of the scourge of dog waste including awareness raising, more disposal facilities, CCTV, enforcement of fines and prosecution of persistent offenders.

Action on fly tipping. Same approach as for dog waste.

Take recycling seriously. Get Ryedale’s rate of recycling of household waste up from 46% to the 65% that East Riding achieve.

Lead the way in reducing the use of plastic food & drink containers.

Street cleaning. This used to be a council service and should be again. The Council should be doing more, working with other councils, to fight back against the austerity cuts that are to blame.

Empower Villages

Help local communities to control development in their area through Neighbourhood or Community Led Plans.

Support for small scale community-led housing developments restricted in perpetuity to meeting local housing needs.

Support for village communities which want to control the number of homes being converted to holiday lets.

Young People

Action to meet the needs for facilities for children and young people identified in the Council’s own report.


Ryedale Council must now extend its five-year moratorium and develop a strategy to ensure Ryedale is protected from future fracking proposals from Third Energy, INEOS & others.

Ryedale Council to work with the other Councils to put pressure on North Yorkshire County Council to reverse its permissive policies on fracking and to oppose the Government’s proposals to exempt fracking from local democratic control.

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Thirsk & Malton Labou​r Party launches its manifesto for May Ryedale District Council Elections

At a special event held in Malton on the 21st March, the Thirsk and Malton Constituency Party launched its manifesto for the 2nd May Ryedale District Council elections. The meeting was attended by the candidates and their agents and members of the Constituency Party executive. 

The main points of the manifesto are:

• More Affordable Housing
• Call for clean streets
• Take recycling seriously ;Raise the recycling rate and provide boxes that work
• Give villages control over development through community led plan
• Demand better public transport links to villages. Consider those who do not drive
• At every opportunity and in every way resist Fracking

The full manifesto can be seen on the Party website: The manifesto calls for a firm stand against fracking:“The case against fracking for both local and global environmental reasons has been overwhelmingly established. It was a great step forward when in 2015 Ryedale Council adopted the policy calling for a five year moratorium and the Labour Party fully backed this. However it is now urgent that Ryedale Council extends the moratorium and firms up its strategy, using all means available to it, to ensure Ryedale is protected from the next phase of fracking proposals.

Fundamental to this is a campaign to increase pressure on North Yorkshire County Council to reverse its permissive policies on fracking and to oppose the Government’s proposals to exempt fracking development from local democratic control.” A party spokesperson told the meeting that with this detailed manifesto and a team of able candidates, the local Labour Party is set to continue its success as the main opposition to the Tory Party and to bring a sustained and positive challenge to Ryedale District Council.

Alan Avery
Press Officer: Thirsk and Malton Constituency Labour Party

Constituency Special General Meeting 2nd February 2019

Uniting to Stop a Tory Brexit

Ahead of the crucial votes this month this CLP calls for unity of the Labour Party in opposition to Theresa May’s Brexit deal which fails to meet even the lowest standard of the Labour Party’s six tests. We welcome the great strides made by the Party Leadership and MPs to safeguard the UK from a reckless plan, and we call on the party to take imminent action to prevent this Tory Brexit when the Government fails to secure the majority needed. This CLP echoes the voices of thousands of members across the UK and the unprecedented number of CLPs who submitted Brexit motions to conference, in calling for the Party to take the strongest line possible with the Government to prevent more uncertainty and to prevent the clock ticking down to a crash out of Europe.

This CLP supports Jeremy Corbyn in his efforts and agrees with him when he said, “the EU has been very clear: there are no more negotiations, clarifications or meetings.” The Tories delayed the vote for such a time as to make negotiating impossible. There is now no time for equivocation. This CLP echoes conference and party policy and supports the leadership and the work of our MPs in their calls for a general election. When the government fails to secure the support needed to pass their Brexit plan, Labour should immediately call for a general election and if this is not successful Labour will call for a final people’s vote on the deal with remain as an option.

In solidarity with our Party Leaders, this CLP Resolves:

1. To demand and prepare for an immediate general election on the failure of the Tory Brexit plan.

2. Labour must campaign for a public vote on Brexit with an option to stay in the EU, and include such a vote in our manifesto if there is a General Election.

3. (If an election is not immediately possible) To call for a people’s vote on the options available including the option to stay in the EU.

4. To notify the Party Leadership, the NEC, the NPF and other relevant bodies of this motions passing. 

No additional resolutions have been received so the Agenda is simply to discuss the motion from James Ellis and Rosie Adams plus any amendments which are submitted to me by Friday. The resolution plus our existing Constituency policy and the existing Party policy are attached.  The Secretary will bring copies of any amendments to the meeting.  

The meeting is on 2nd February 2019 at Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre, Bowling Lane, Scarborough Road, Norton, YO17 8EG, starting at 11.00 am finishing by 1.00pm. Disabled access and toilets.


Under new national rules we are now required to have a quorum of 5% of our membership meaning we need 32 members present.

Mick has suggested the National Centre for Social Research as the best source of opinion stats.  This analysis on 21st Jan is very useful.